Trace Adkins, Hauling One Thing Lyrics

Hauling One Thing Lyrics

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Trace Adkins - Hauling One Thing Lyrics

Hauling One Thing
Written by Monty Criswell and Tim Mensy

Monday I hauled steel from Pennsylvania
Swapped it for a load of long horns in Fort Worth
Wednesday I slept 'til noon
Parked outside a Houston greasy spoon

Carried Texas hot sauce out to Albuquerque
Spent the night and showered in a Motel 6
Now I'm Unhitched and comin' home
Get ready girl, I'm burnin' up the road

And I'm only haulin' one thing
Girl, it belongs to you
I can't get home too soon
I'm in the passin' lane
Pegging needles, leavin' smoke
One state to go between you and me
And I'm only haulin' one thing

I've bet right now you're sleepin' in my t-shirt
The one you steal each time I'm on the road
You say it makes you think of me
I think of that and I don't need caffeine
So I'm jammin' gears and standin' on the peddle
Filled up with diesel, fifty miles ago
For five days I've been in this truck
But I'll be home before the sun comes up

Repeat Chorus 2 x

Yeah, yeah, I'm only haulin' one thing, baby
Yeah, I'm east bound and down, thatís right
Loaded up and truckiní baby. So long

[Thanks to Leigh, for corrections]

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