Ali Dee, World's Gone Crazy Lyrics

World's Gone Crazy Lyrics

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Ali Dee - World's Gone Crazy Lyrics

I recognized you on the six o'clock news
You were runnin' from the law
I thought about callin' the line for the wanted
But right then your truck stalled
They pulled to the ground in front of the whole crowd
Like some kind of western show
Then I poured me a drink and all I could think
Was why'd I let you go?

The world's gone crazy
But it won't change me
No, no
It's a damn shame
I don't know who to blame
The world's gone crazy
But it won't change me

The other day I was a whistlin' away
Shoppin' at the grocery store
When a man with a gun under the lunch time sun
Hollered get down to the floor
So we did what he said
He took the money and fled
And everyone was runnin' wild
Well me I stood up and I brushed my shirt off
Kept a shoppin' down the cereal aisle

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

The world's gone crazy
But it won't change me
No, no

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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