Dave Alvin, Somewhere In Time Lyrics

Somewhere In Time Lyrics

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Dave Alvin - Somewhere In Time Lyrics

Dave Alvin/Louie Perez/David Hidalgo
(Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI/No Ko Music, BMI/Davince Music, BMI)

I hear a voice singiní somewhere in time
A song I knew long ago
And it takes me back to places somewhere in time
And everyone I used to know
I see a face, I remember somewhere in time
Someone I loved whoís gone away.

Gone away somewhere in time
Gone away somewhere in time.

Another night on a highway somewhere in time
The darkness playiní tricks on me
Far down the road in the shadows somewhere in time
Am I the man Iím supposed to be?
I see a light shininí somewhere in time
A lonely light to lead me on.

And lead me on somewhere in time
Lead me on somewhere in time.

I wake from a dream, a dream from somewhere in time
And rub my eyes so I can see
Youíre standiní there before me, somewhere in time
Waitiní for me patiently
And Iíll take your hand, someday, somewhere in time
And forever Iíll be here with you.

Iíll be with you somewhere in time
Iíll be with you somewhere in time
Iím here with you somewhere in time.

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