Amy Ray, The Gig That Matters Lyrics

The Gig That Matters Lyrics

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Amy Ray - The Gig That Matters Lyrics

Iím practicing for the gig that matters
In the sky, in the sky
Iím singing for all my friends to gather
When they fly, when they fly
Gonna say hey St. Peter, listen to my song here
I been writing all my life
I know youíve heard every golden-throated angel
But I heard redemption, it knows no bounds
Too many days, I lived a life of leisure
While folks were starved for food and rest
And itís true, I drank from the cup of the
while the Devilís song played in my head
But my redeemers they have been many
And I canít help but change my tune
So Iím practicing for the gig that matters
So I can sing this world of truth.
Every drunk that I played for
Kept me right, kept me right
Every wayward preacher and aimless soldier
Kept me in line, kept me in line
This is a song for all the sinners
Who never knowed they made the difference
And the working Saints abandoned in the
The Lamb of God lost in the wood
Iím practicing for the gig that matters
I want to see my saviorís face
When St. Peter says sing your song child
And Iíll let you through these pearly gates
Gonna say hey Lordy Iím here to bear some
No disrespect but, just in case you missed it
Thereís some long haul suffering broken folks
that need mending
And they ainít seen your help yet

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