Keith Anderson, Somebody Needs A Hug Lyrics

Somebody Needs A Hug Lyrics

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Keith Anderson - Somebody Needs A Hug Lyrics

(Keith Anderson/Bob DiPiero/David Lee Murphy)

I think itís safe to say youíve had a bad day
And somethiní even tells me maybe I should stay away
But I canít, Iím liviní dangerously
Baby, call me crazy, I think I know what you need
Girl, Iíve got your remedy

Somebody needs a hug
A little personal attention
Some good olí loviní and affection
Yeah, I talkin' full body, good Lord Almighty
Whooo, címon and get you some
You need to be wrapped up
Snug as a bug in a rug
A big olí teddy bear squeeze
Where you can barely breathe
Somebody needs a hug

I see youíre not convinced, youíre still on defense
And Iíd be wise to disappear if I had any sense
But I donít, no obviously
I think I can fix it, baby, donít resist it
Darlin, itís easy to see

(Repeat Chorus)

You start to smile and youíre bitiní your lip
And girl I know what that means
Youíre walkin' over, youíre gettin' closer
Looks like you finally see

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Lee for lyrics]

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