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Assembly of Dust - Fountain Lyrics

I am not like those before me standing in a suit
Now I face what stands before me
And I'm singin' and I'm searchin'
Singin' and I'm searchin' for the truth

Once a man had two things that he cherished
He was certain 'bout his job and 'bout his wife
Because there's nothing ever certain in this life

Once I came across a fountain
Made three wishes, touched a dream
Like a thought turnin' me over
Inspiration's spinning me
Around and around and around and around I go
And I wonder if I'm trippin' on my words
And if I'm stumblin' on my goals

Maybe it's for me to determine
Maybe I am like a book on a shelf
Read me once and tell me how I end
Because I'm singin' and I'm searchin'
Singin' and I'm searchin' for myself

You can ask me what is it your sayin'
Who are you and what you tryin' to be
I'd like to be a cowboy in the movies
Smilin' at the people, I'd be smilin' at the people that I see

So many things I stand to gain
So many things that I have known I stand to lose

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