Renee Austin, Chicken Coop Lyrics

Chicken Coop Lyrics

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Renee Austin - Chicken Coop Lyrics

Early in the morning, Ďfore the crack of dawn
I heard him sneaking in
Heíd been here at sundown, but didnít stay long
Cause I can smell the sin
Later that next evening, again I found him gone
With our money tin
So I played a little game of Sherlock Holmes
To find out where heíd been

Lord have mercy what am I to do?
Smack dab in the middle of town
Cross the road about a mile or two
I found my rooster making hay
With the ladies, painted ladies
Of the local chicken coop

Later that night, I hatched myself a plan
The idea made me grin
To beat him at his own game, Iíd have to play dirty
If I was gonna win
To the coop right on time, imagine his surprise
As he walked on in
There I sat, feathers -n- paint, a lady of the coop
With a sip aí gin
I said quit your cheatiní, ainít no need you see
Never ever again
Iíll be what you need daytime, nighttime
Two women under just one skin


If that cock-a-doodle-doo does fly
To another chicken of the night
Well you can bet Iíll give him a peck
Right square in the eye
And when I get my wings on him
Iíll ring his neck alright - real tight
And no matter how loud he cries
Heís gonna rest in peace right next to some greasy fries


I have 2 words for ya: Pot Pie, Fried Steak, Noodle Soup. Am I making myself clear? Donít you give me none of your
cock-a-doodle-doo! You do this to me again and Iíll cocka doodle your do. Donít make me cross the road and come get you,
cause you know I willÖ.

[Thanks to Lily Byrlev for lyrics]

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