Sherrie Austin, Fools Like Us Lyrics

Fools Like Us Lyrics

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Sherrie Austin - Fools Like Us Lyrics

Baby, I gotta tell you somethin'
You sure look good wearin' nothing but those cotton sheets
Smilin' up at me
I'll bet the sun is just as surprised
As Mr. Moon was last night to find me holdin' you
The way I used to do
Even though my arms were empty for so long
With you lying next to me, it's like you were never gone

I can't believe
How casually we threw it all away
And just said goodbye
But, that was yesterday
Sometimes love gives a second chance
To fools like us

Sure is funny how we used to fight
We were both always right
It was make or break, never give and take
Yeah, we'd criticize, rationalized
Until we both could justify our point of view
Me versus you
And I can't say this time that we won't
But we just might get it right, if we bend before we break

(Repeat Chorus)

Love is hard enough for stubborn souls like you and me
Thank God our hearts were smarter than we could ever be

And I believe
We've got somethin' we should never throw away
We should never say goodbye
Like we did yesterday
Oh, love gave a second chance
Oh, love gave a second chance
Sometimes love gives a second chance
To fools like us

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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