Sherrie Austin, He's All Yours Lyrics

He's All Yours Lyrics

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Sherrie Austin - He's All Yours Lyrics

I, I know where you've been
Where this is gonna go
And how it's gonna end
He's promised you the moon
Gonna steal it from the sky
Yeah I heard that one too
I know you think things will be different with you
But oh, that's what the last girl thought too
And if you're still fool enough
To walk through that door
Then he's all yours

Your headache
Your heartache
Your problem
Your mistake
He's your bed to lie on
Your pillow that you cry on
Your goodbye
Your regret
Your memory to forget
The unhappy ending
To your once upon a time
He's all that and so much more
And he's all yours

Oh did he buy you a rose
Break off all the thorns
Yeah he'll put on a show
Yeah did he write you a song
I'll bet I know the words
I could sing right along
'Cause girl I've been everywhere you're about to go
And I know some things, you're about to know
But if you're still willing to go back for more
Then he's all yours

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

He's all that and so much more
And he's all yours
He's all yours

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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