Joan Baez, The Lower Road Lyrics

The Lower Road Lyrics

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Joan Baez - The Lower Road Lyrics

Joan Baez, Thea Gilman

Cut me down,
Bury this rosary
Somewhere out of town,
Somewhere out by the sea

And take this ring,
Give it to Emily
And tell her Iím peaceful now,
Tell her Iíve been released

I will be rolling on, I will be rolling on . . .

Well I know that dream,
I know it all too well
Starts like a lonely voice
And shifts to a tolling bell

Like rain on a dusty ground
Small bones in the driest well
The spark breathes a fiery tongue
And the tongues kiss the cheek of Hell

I will be rolling on, I will be rolling on
Iíve had my part to play, now I am going home . . . .

Thereís no telling which way boys
This thing is gonna take hold
From the fruit on a poplar tree
To the bruise round a band of gold

From the blood in a far country
To the war of just growing old
We travel a long road
And itís lonely and it is cold

And we will be rolling on, We will be rolling on
We had our part to play now we are going home

We will keep rolling on
We will keep rolling on
ĎCause for every midnight hour
Thereís always a rising sun ...

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