Dierks Bentley, Rovin' Gambler Lyrics

Rovin' Gambler Lyrics

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Dierks Bentley - Rovin' Gambler Lyrics

(with The Punch Brothers)

I am the rovin' gambler, I've gambled all around
Whenever I meet with the deck of cards,
I lay my money down
I lay my money down, I lay my money down

Had not been in Frisco many more weeks than three
Yea I met up with a pretty little girl,
She fell in love with me
Fell in love with me, fell in love with me

She took me to her parlor, she cooled me with her fan
Whispered low in her mother's ear "I love this gamblin' man"
Love this gamblin man, love this gablin' man

Daughter oh dear daughter, how can you treat me so
Leave your dear old mother and with the gambler go
With the gambler go, with the gambler go

I left her in Frisco and I wound up in Maine
I met up with a poker player and got in a poker game
Got in a poker game, got in a poker game

He put his money in the pot and dealt the cards around
I saw him deal from the bottom of the deck, shot the gambler down
Shot the gambler down, shot the gambler down

Now I'm down in prison, got a number for my name
The warden slammed the door and said "You've gambled your last game"
Gambled your last game, gambled your last game
Gambled your last game, gambled your last game

[Thanks to Ashley for lyrics]

[Thanks to leslin Ossoff for corrections]

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