Big & Rich, Eternity - featuring John Legend Lyrics

Eternity - featuring John Legend Lyrics

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Big & Rich - Eternity - featuring John Legend Lyrics

I've been looking for so long to find this place I see
And I've just got to believe it's more than a dream
Seems it's time I should move on
but I hope you come with me
Till we find eternity

Doing all I can to make things better
Everything I can to get things right
Baby when you're with me it's a little more like Heaven
Here in my mind, here in my mind

[Repeat Chorus]

Just can't let this old world get us down
There's too much beauty in this life
It should be so perfect
We shouldn't know we've made it to the other side
When we make it to the other side

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh you know it's got to be so beautiful
Oh and everybody is so free
Love, love is the only thing there is between you and me

[Repeat Chorus]

[Thanks to Sarah, Denise for lyrics]

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