Jonathan Birchfield, When You Say Yes Lyrics

When You Say Yes Lyrics

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Jonathan Birchfield - When You Say Yes Lyrics

(J. Birchfield, K. Manna)

When you say yes
Iím gonna write you a love song
One your hearts never heard

When you say yes
Iíll send you flowers every Friday
With a card that doesnít need any words

Youíre like the dream
I canít stop dreaming
The forever that never ends
When you say yes

I wonít take it for granted
The way your hair falls in your eyes
Weíll be the best
Even when the storms find us
Cause I will be here by your side

Youíll be all my days
And all my sunsets
My lover, and my best friend
When you say yes

Now things are changing
With these promises and vows
But I swear I wonít
Let you down

When you say yes
Iím gonna sing you a love song
Till you fall asleep every night
You wonít have to guess
If I really love you
Cause I will be here by your side

When you say yesÖ

Say yes

[Thanks to Nick for lyrics]

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