Blackie & Rodeo Kings, House of Sin Lyrics

House of Sin Lyrics

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Blackie & Rodeo Kings - House of Sin Lyrics


Stand up and take it like a man
Youíre spitting out teeth and sinking in the sand
Crawling on your knees through the promised land
Your barbed-wire babyís got a different plan

When a band of gold is a ring of fire
The price of love gets higher and higher
Her heartís gone bad like rusted tin
So much sorrow in this house of sin

Tear the front door down and paint it red
Youíre bound and chained to an empty bed
You canít ignore what the preacher said
No rest for the wicked until youíre dead

When a band of gold...

Jezabel lay in Jerusalemís streets
Her dying kiss was bittersweet
From the painted mouth that swore deceit
The dogs took her hands and the soles of her feet

When a band of gold...

Drums: Gary
Bass: John
Organ: Richard
Electric Guitar, Harmony: Stephen
Electric Guitar, Chorus Vocal: Colin
Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal Verses: Tom

©Darryl Sterdan/Winnipeg Sun

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