Blackie & Rodeo Kings, Lock All the Doors Lyrics

Lock All the Doors Lyrics

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Blackie & Rodeo Kings - Lock All the Doors Lyrics


Thereís a long list of whys
Youíre not here tonight
Itís dark outside
You couldnít find a ride
Things were loose
Time got tight
Mustíve been an oversight
Youíll write me of where you might be
Now the candleís burned out and the wineís all gone
And the dogs outside are gonna howl Ďtil dawn

Iím gonna lock all the doors
Iím gonna bolt all the windows
Iím gonna turn off that lonesome song
Iím gonna wipe out your words
Iím gonna tear up your picture
Iím gonna pray that it wonít be long
Until your memoryís gone

Out of touch out of time
Spend a quarter drop a dime to find out
What loneliness is about
Tell the truth
Make it good
And youíll hear it in the neighbourhood
To haunt you
Come to taunt you
But you donít have to waste another word
ĎCause Iíve got everything a fool deserves

Iím gonna lock all the doors...

Drums: Gary
Bass: John
Organ: Richard
Acoustic Guitar: Tom
Electric Guitar, Harmony: Stephen
Electric Guitar, Lead Vocal: Colin

©Darryl Sterdan/Winnipeg Sun

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