Blackie & Rodeo Kings, Stoned Lyrics

Stoned Lyrics

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Blackie & Rodeo Kings - Stoned Lyrics


Last night out in the dark
I was watching werewolves in the park
Stoned, uh huh
I used to run with the pack
ĎTil they broke my balls and cracked my jack
Stoned, uh huh
Just like the words from an old love letter
The scars I wear arenít that much better
Stoned, uh huh
Easyís how it use to feel like grease around the driving wheel
Stoned, uh huh

These are the days worth living
Let them all bleed down
Everythingís forgiven
Uh huh
Uh huh

I used to love how the headlights shone
From the girls in cars on the lonely ones
Stoned, uh huh
Weíd walk all night in the rain
Weíd barely make it home again

Iím a genius, I canít get straight
Thereís supernatural in my hair
Space invaders all around me
Freak me out when I get down there

Iím getting lost before I get found out
Iím getting old before my time
And itís too late

So shut up Iíll give up when I want to
Just shut up Iím not listening to you
Say anything Ďcause it donít mean nothing
Iíve had enough of you today
Iíve had enough of you today

Now donít try me, Iím so turned on
Iím in the game to break some eggs
Iím not a loser Iím a time bomb
A superstar that always gets his way

Stoned, uh huh


And it all bleeds down
Tattooed arms and old graffiti dream girls that fade and leave me
Stoned, uh huh
I carved my name in those old places old times and older faces
Stoned, uh huh

Drums: Gary
Bass: John
Organ: Richard
Keyboard: Janice Powers
Percussion: Bryan Owings
Electric Dobro: Colin
Electric Guitar, Harmony: Stephen
Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal: Tom

©Darryl Sterdan/Winnipeg Sun

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