Jason Blaine Lyrics
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Jason Blaine Lyrics

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Jason Blaine Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: Everything I Love [2013]

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Blaine Jason
"Everything I Love" [2013]

  1. Feels Like That
  2. Rock It Country Girl
  3. Layin' Your Love On Me
  4. Good Ol' Nights
  5. Always You
  6. Friends Of Mine
  7. Way Too Pretty
  8. Get A Little Wrong Tonight
  9. We Got It Made
  10. Home Sweet Home
  11. Tears On A Bible

Album Lyrics: Sweet Sundown [2010]

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Blaine Jason
"Sweet Sundown" [2010]

  1. Run With Me
  2. Numb
  3. Every Sweet Sundown
  4. Up In Smoke
  5. Pictures
  6. Hillbilly Girl
  7. Hit It Hard
  8. Me And The Sun
  9. When You Love Someone
  10. Home Is A Highway (feat. Steve Wariner)
  11. Heroes

Album Lyrics: Make My Move [2008]

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Blaine Jason
"Make My Move" [2008]

  1. Good Day to Get Gone
  2. Rock in My Boot
  3. Just a Memory
  4. If You Don't Love Me
  5. I Wanna Be That Man
  6. My First Car
  7. Flirtin' With Me
  8. Give It to Me
  9. Make My Move
  10. The Man I Am
  11. If Love Was Enough
  12. Slow Time Down

Album Lyrics: While We Were Waiting [2006]

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Blaine Jason
"While We Were Waiting" [2006]

  1. While We Were Waiting
  2. What I Can't Forget
  3. Change the Channel
  4. Heartache Like Mine
  5. Last Slow Dance
  6. What Makes a Man
  7. Reinvent the Wheel
  8. Say It Again
  9. That Shine
  10. That's What I Do

Album Lyrics: Jason Blaine - Other Songs [0]

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Buy Jason Blaine - Other Songs CD
Blaine Jason
"Jason Blaine - Other Songs"

  1. They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore

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