Blue Highway, No Home To Go To Lyrics

No Home To Go To Lyrics

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Blue Highway - No Home To Go To Lyrics

(Wayne Taylor/Forty WAT Music, BMI)

I grew up in a small town, had all those small town dreams
íbout a wife and family and all those simple things
I watched Mom and Daddy struggle, they did the best that they could do
to make sure we had a home to go home to.

Daddy was a long haul trucker, Momma was a good house wife.
Canít really lay the blame on either one of them, they both started gettiní lonely at night
After fifteen years of marriage they decided they were through
and all at once we had no home to go home to

A house donít make a home, thatís what Mom would always say
Itís nothing but a building once true love fades away
You might live in a mansion all fancy and new
and still not have a home to go home to

Well I made myself a promise if I ever left this town
I'd find someone I really loved and do my best to settle down
But life can sure be funny, can play some real strange tricks on you
Now Iím growiní old with no home to go home to


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