Blue Highway, Two Soldiers Lyrics

Two Soldiers Lyrics

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Blue Highway - Two Soldiers Lyrics

(Tim Stafford-Wood Newton/Daniel House Music, BMI–Rope-a-Dope Music, BMI)

We show up every morning,
our uniforms are pressed
All spit and polish, we have to look our best
This message that we carry
is a heavy load to bear
For those who pay the price with sacrifice
We have to show we care

Everybody has a duty, a way they can shine
The ones who go over there
and those who stay behind
Some ain't coming back, reality is grim
It's up to me and Sergeant Jack
To break the news to them

We're the two soldiers no one wants to see
In a plain black sedan
rolling slowly down the street
Past the toys and the bikes
beneath the maple trees
Where fading yellow ribbons
wave gently in the breeze
A loved one's in a better place
They won't be back no more
Now there's two soldiers at the door

Sometimes they see us coming
and fall down on their knees
Tears are overflowing,
crying “no, God, please.”
Sometimes they just stand there, silent as a stone
With no surprise in their eyes
Like they knew it all along

See the soldiers on the tarmac, ready to deploy
Husbands and wives with little girls and boys
Say a silent prayer they all come back alive
And never see Jack and me pull up in their drive

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