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Blue Rodeo - Rena Lyrics

I got my plans
From trembling hands
I knew just what to do
Follow each step carefully
And hope they pulled me through
My father ran
To different lands
And not a word we spoke
But I was here
To conquer fear
And bring some glory home

Thereís a world of hate and sorrow
Out there standing in your way
Thereís a load of compromise
Before you die
And each time you step forward you get burned a little bit
No longer know the way
To say goodbye
Now Iím down here underneath
Your bedroom light
Rena please come out
With me tonight

I look in through
The window
And I though Iíd take
My chance
I taught myself to play
So I could be where people danced
No higher call
Than stars that fall
I waited patiently
A thousand miles of pavement
That became my destiny

You can wait a lonely lifetime
Wondering when itís gonna come
You can while away the hours
Getting stoned
But one day you get lucky
And you look in someoneís eyes
That tell you you donít
Have to be alone
Now Iím falling back
Just out of your sight
Rena please come out
With me tonight

Oh now I know the way things go
And what I put you through
Cause when they try to get to me
They get to me through you

I know itís not the kind of hurt
Thatís easily set right
And I know you got your reasons
To stay inside
But nothing ever happens
When itís left out on itís own
You locked in there with
Just your wounded pride
Iím down here and Iím
Way too tired to fight
Rena please come out
With me tonight
Rena please come out
With me tonight

©Thunderhawk Music

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