Bo Phillips Band, Blue Dixie Cup Lyrics

Blue Dixie Cup Lyrics

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Bo Phillips Band - Blue Dixie Cup Lyrics

Now I ainít sayiní thereís anything wrong
if a fella wants to sit down and write him a song
about a drinkiní container that was made in Hong Kong
and sold at the Five & Dime.
But the thing that really irritates me
is that people are just too damn blind to see
and my songs will never end up on Glee
as a cheap two-dollar rhyme.

Blue Dixie Cup, I just threw up
good music, hardlyÖ good music, hardly
I hate you, Blue Dixie Cup, shut the hell up
that songís retarded, that songís retarded.

Now you fit things that ainít in my pocket
maybe a chain or sometimes a locket
and if youíre a chick, a big cotton-rocket
I know but donít ask me how.
Yeah, and I like the way that you can be seen
makiní folks fall and some people lean
but at least you werenít stolen from Robert Earl Keen
now how do you like me now?


Now they aught to throw that guy in the pokey
Iíve never heard a song in the world so damn hokey
damn, I expected more from an Okie
my apologies, yíall.
Yeah, my little blue friend, youíre more than amazing
the reason for years of fraternity hazing
and donít you know that them guns will be blazing
when the CMAís finally call

Chorus x2

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