Jason Boland & the Stragglers, False Accuser's Lament Lyrics

False Accuser's Lament Lyrics

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Jason Boland & the Stragglers - False Accuser's Lament Lyrics

I said i'd seen the killin
Could identify the villain
Shot a man beneath the town hall glow
I was one of few
The jury never knew
About to line our pockets
With the bankers jealous gold

He said his lovin woman sinned
Let alone with a friend
He couldnt have his childrens mother shamed
I saw the shooter run
Coulda been anyone
But for the price of a new plow
A local man was framed

Now the nightly terror is the fortune to be paid
I hear the guilty gavel, i see his body swing
Father please forgive me
For i've falsely testified
They had me swear upon a bible and i lied

I never strayed before
But the pain of being poor
Lord what the hell came over me
This aint who momma raised
Another dollar fearing slave
But the thought of losing all our land
Was blinding you see

The seeds had all been sown
Soon the crops were nearly grown
But the rain let up, the ground turned hard as nails
The banker took my home
Now i'm in these hills alone
Oh from time to time i see his wife
In a long black veil

Oh father please forgive me
For i falsely testified
They had me swear upon a bible and i lied

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