Bonnie Prince Billy, Three Questions Lyrics

Three Questions Lyrics

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Bonnie Prince Billy - Three Questions Lyrics

Say, i found a piece of rock
And put it in my pocked
And for the day that we are waiting
I put it in a locker
Whish to hang around your neck
As long as you see fit (?)

But tell me, oh my love
Do you think that you would ware it?

And on a day that dread tunes (?)
That the earth might open up,
The birds have stopped singing
And the insects have shut up
And all this left between us
Is somehow (?)
Now would you split it with me baby
So that i wouldn't darn (?)?

And after all these things,
There's a question that i must ask
When everyone has called me (?)
(?) i am the worst?
And asked for voices on my side
My love, would you sing first?
Would you say he's ok,
He's better then the rest?
He's innocent in gods eyes,
And in mine he is the best?

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