Paul Brandt, Worth Fighting For Lyrics

Worth Fighting For Lyrics

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Paul Brandt - Worth Fighting For Lyrics

Words & Music by Paul Brandt

We've been around in circles 'bout a thousand times
babe it's been so long, and I just don't know why
Does it really even matter who is wrong or right
I can't believe I spoke to you that way
And I'm trying to forget the words I heard you say
how our two hearts are holding this much hate and blame
I don't know

I know I can't remember
No I don't know the reason why
we ever started fighting anymore
If we could just loose the temper
and find a way to be more tender
Our love is just too strong to ignore
And that's worth fighting for

It's just foolish pride to hold these feelings back
Cause I look into your eyes and I'm a helpless man
I know you hate it when I try to make you laugh
even so
I want to hold you like I've never done
say I'm sorry long before tomorrow morning comes
show you how I know that I'm the lucky one
Cause babe I know


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