Dean Brody, Another Man's Gold Lyrics

Another Man's Gold Lyrics

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Dean Brody - Another Man's Gold Lyrics

I was watchiní cartoons on a Saturday morning
And I heard daddy start the truck
I came runniní from the house and waved him down
Cause he was makiní a run to the dump

We watched the Bears and licked ice cream cones
Take a little walk around
Iíll never forget what my daddy said
The day we pulled that bike from the ground

He said one manís trash is another manís gold
If itís thrown away itís free to take
A little oil sheíll be good to go
So I rode that bicycle home
Thumbs up, daddy honkiní on the horn

I got my first job workiní on a dairy farm
Driviní tractor and bailiní hay
Iíd have to circle around a bog in the ground
Where sat an old Mustang Ď58

One eveniní I asked that farmer
Why that car was just wastiní away
He said you can have it for free it donít mean nothiní to me
And I couldnít help but think

One manís trash is another manís gold
What someone will throw away is a crying shame
So I towed that Mustang home
Till she could be restored
I got that engine to roar
And boy did that engine roar

It was an awkward blind date we met at a park
She had her little girl tagginí along
A beautiful smile hadnít been out in a while
She was a hard working single mom

In time I learned heíd left her
He said ďIím just way too young
To be having a kid, Iím not ready for this
If you keep it Iím good as goneĒ

He never looked back as she watched him go
She stood there crying in the rain till one January day
She had a beautiful baby girl
Tonight I tuck her in and read her stories
And hold her mama while the sunset glows

My two arms full of this manís gold
What some men will throw away is a crying shame
Those girls make our house a home
Yeah my cup overflows
With this manís gold

This manís gold

[Thanks to Matt for lyrics]

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