Shannon Brown, I Love 'Em All Lyrics

I Love 'Em All Lyrics

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Shannon Brown - I Love 'Em All Lyrics

Weíll Iíve kissed a cowboy on a sawdust floor
Shot tequila with him till we couldnít dance no more
Ran a hundred miles an hour with a Harley man
Stuck to him tighter than his sexy biker tan
Sailed with a boy on his big ole yacht
Drank Dom Perignon while we island hopped
I like preacher sons
And hell raisers, guitar pickers
And wave surfers

No Iíve never really had a type
I just like a man whoíll treat me right
As long as they got a good heart
Big or small
Short or tall
I love Ďem all

And them city dudes in there tailored suits
Make me wanna do things that I shouldnít do
But, you know what really drives me nuts
Are the George Strait ringers with there wrangler butts


Iíve met a lot of fellows from North to South
Sweet clean talkers and dirty mouths
I hope someday Iíll find someone
Thatíll be all of them wrapped up in one


It ainít who they are or who they wanna be
Itís all about how they treat me
As long as they got a good heart
Big or small
Short or tall
Long hair or bald
I love Ďem all

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