Carl Butler, Garden Of Shame Lyrics

Garden Of Shame Lyrics

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Carl Butler - Garden Of Shame Lyrics

He gave his wife a baby
And they called her their sweet little Rose
He gave her all that she wanted
Money, diamonds and clothes
But his money could not caress her
And the diamonds he gave her in vain
Couldnít make up for the love he was stealing
Every night in the garden of shame

The garden of shame where love is the game
Thatís where he goes, Thatís where his sin grows
In the garden of shame

His wife took the baby and left him
In a world so empty and cold
For years he searched for his loved ones
But the garden of shame had his soul
Then one night he found a new girl
And his heart broke when he heard her name
For he knew he had given his daughter
The key to the garden of shame

The garden of shame where love is the game
Everyone knows that he found his Rose
In the garden of shame

[Thanks to Mo for lyrics]

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