Carl Butler, Goodbye Tennessee Lyrics

Goodbye Tennessee Lyrics

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Carl Butler - Goodbye Tennessee Lyrics

Way down South in Tennessee where corn is the crop
Ten gallons to the acre that's the best I ever got
But I made me a little brew in my old shack
that nosey sherrif saw the smoke a boilin' out the back

Goodbye Tennessee so long Tennessee
Things were gettin' might hot when I left Tennessee
Goodbye Tennessee my home Tennessee
I'll go back when things cool off down in Tennessee

I'm a ridge running barefoot boy
A home grown country lad
Flour sack shirts and overalls is all I ever had
But I went to a fancy store and I bougth a Sunday suit
Then swapped it for a jug of corn and I drawed a hound to boot


Now I built me a fancy house with a fireplace and a den
A picture window with no glass and a hound dog lookin in
My wife had me throwed in jail because I burned it down
But I refuse to hang my hat where I can't keep my hound


[Thanks to Mo for lyrics]

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