Carl Butler, Kisses Don't Lie Lyrics

Kisses Don't Lie Lyrics

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Carl Butler - Kisses Don't Lie Lyrics

A heart may be fickle, and words may deceive
But when you love someone you try to believe
Their love is as true as the stars in the sky
Believe what you want too but kisses donít lie.

A true lovers kisses are moments of bliss
And when they kiss someone, their hearts in each kiss
But each time you kiss me I know that you try
To prove that you love me but, kisses donít lie

Last night when I kissed you and held you so tight
Your lips you surrendered but things were not right
Your words may deceive me your sweet lips may try
To sow that you love me but, kisses donít lie

I know you are changing, that Iím losing you
You tell me Iím wrong, that your heart is still true
You may never leave me but, dear I know why
You donít want to hurt me but kisses donít lie

[Thanks to Mo for lyrics]

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