Carl Butler, My Joy Lyrics

My Joy Lyrics

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Carl Butler - My Joy Lyrics

Oh Lord I know this thing Iíve done is wrong
And no excuse I give can make it right
But Lord Iíve been without her for so long
My heart just over ruled the rules tonight

Iíve brought her here where no one ever comes
Theyíll never look for her down by the tracks
Now here we set a baby and a bum
And Lord I just donít want to take her back

Joy is her name I know because I named her
And her mommaís not my wife anymore because I shamed her
And I have been forbidden to even bring her toys
So tonight I packed my pride and stole my Joy

Here comes the train here comes the big decision
Do we turn around or ride for San Antone
Iím man enough to want to take her with me
But Iím Dad enough to turn around and take her back home

Yes tonight I packed my pride and stole my Joy

[Thanks to Mo for lyrics]

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