Melonie Cannon, I'll Be Back Lyrics

I'll Be Back Lyrics

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Melonie Cannon - I'll Be Back Lyrics

Written by Marla Cannon-Goodman, Ronnie Bowman & Buddy Cannon
©2003 Universal Music Corp./Big Orange Dog Music (ASCAP)Sony/
ATV Tree Pub./William Franklin Music (BMI)/Run Slow Music (ASCAP)

A mother cries in a worn out two-room house
Her only son is leaving, but sheís glad Heís getting out
He sits her down, says you deserve a better life
Iím gonna make one for us, cross my heart and hope to die

Iíll be back and everyoneíll know my name
Next time you lay eyes on me, things wonít be same
Rest assured every word I say is true
Iím going to a better place but I promise you
Iíll be back

He had a voice like no one had ever heard
People came from miles around, hung on to every word
But there were those He could not make believe
They called him names and laughed at Him and he said, wait and see

repeat chorus

They say he walked up that hill at Calvary
And not even the weight of the world could bring Him to his knees
His Fatherís Son, He was born to pay the cost
And everybody heard it as they nailed Him to the cross
He said:

repeat chorus

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