George Canyon, One Good Friend Lyrics

One Good Friend Lyrics

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George Canyon - One Good Friend Lyrics

Well my Daddy used to tell me
Any man can be a king,
it ain't that complicated,
it's a very simple thing.
You don't need no castle or throne for sitting in,
All you need is one good friend.

If you find yourself somebody who will meet you at a stump,
on a rainy sunday morning before the sun is even up.
Who'll stand right there beside you and fight any fight you're in,
then you've got one good friend.

There ain't nothing wrong with all those rowdy boys I run with,
the ones that I go drink with after work.
Lately it's been hit'n me that when my heart's in trouble,
you're the one that always shows up first.

You're a pleasure as a lover, you're a treasure as a wife.
I don;'t have to wonder what I can count on in this life.
You've already proved it to me time and time again
Baby you're one good friend.

You're the one who sends me flying and gently reels me in,
baby you're one good friend.

[Thanks to jazzinated_fox for lyrics]

[Thanks to Don Whyte for corrections]

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