Hayes Carll, Highway 87 Lyrics

Highway 87 Lyrics

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Hayes Carll - Highway 87 Lyrics

Highway 87 is a dangerous place to be
When you pissed off all the local boys
and your backís against the sea
The cops all know your number
Bars all know your name
After six straight months of drinkiní boy,
youíre never gonna be the same
And I ainít seen the sunshine
since I donít remember when
I may not know where Iím goiní
but I sure know where Iíve been

The sheriff he just watches every move I make
And one of these days heís gonna arrest me
for all the time I take
The local girls all act
Like I just ainít their kind
Paintiní on their precious nails
and losiní their sweet minds
And Iíve give half of Texas if I could find a friend
I may not know where Iím goiní
but I sure know where Iíve been

Ahh the coast is disappearing
as they line up on the beach
Doiní all those little things
that Sunday School donít teach
Jim Beam by the fire, Cocaine in the stash
Baseball bat on the floorboard
shotgun on the dash
And you might lose your mind
go walkiní round the bend
You may not know where youíre goiní
but youíll sure know where you been.

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