Hayes Carll, Lost and Lonely Lyrics

Lost and Lonely Lyrics

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Hayes Carll - Lost and Lonely Lyrics

Well itís hard to write a song
When your three-fourths gone
And Crazy Legs keeps pickiní on my guitar
I try to clear my head
And reflect on what she said
But the only thing reflectiní
Seems to be the bar

A shot of Bourbon
Never hurt no one
So I reckon two couldnít do no harm
Well I know my eyes are red
And Iím a little bit underfed
But baby please believe me
That ainít cause for no alarm

Iím pleased to meet you
My name is Lost and Lonely
Thatís spelled with one L not two
And donít you think you
Could be my one and only
Baby just long enough
For me to make love to you

So tell me what do you see
Standiní in front of thee
Oh yes I get poetic when Iíve had a few
But Lord I swear itís hard
When youíve been dealt all your cards
And the only thing youíve ever known
Youíve done forgotten how to do

So letís pour another round
For dreams we never found
And laugh until the tears fall from our face
And when they finally send me home
I canít make that walk alone
Thereís just too many memories,
Another time and place.

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