Hayes Carll, Richey Lee Lyrics

Richey Lee Lyrics

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Hayes Carll - Richey Lee Lyrics

Richey Lee was his Fatherís boy
Big, loud, Hard-drinkiní bundle of Joy
A walkiní laugh wrapped up in corduroy
Richey couldnít do no wrong

Grew up with a fast runniní crowd
Good bunch of boys, just a little too loud
Canít fault a man for being proud
Richey kept rolliní on

Spent his days in a rock-n-roll band
Telliní jokes, a guitar in his hand
Tryiní hard to meet every demand
Of all of those late-night shows

Whiskey-drunk on a Saturday night
She caught his eye cominí out of the light
Half way there he had to get in a fight
Back home thatís just the way it goes

Strange days, they leave you in a wonder
And good times, they donít always stay
And true love, it will shake you like thunder
But old friends just fade away
Old friends just fade away

Summertime on the river again
Fishiní poles and a two-dollar grin
Ainít ever gonna laugh like that again
Falliní right to the ground

Count the miles down to New Orleans
Borrowed cash and dirty bluejeans
Couple of boys lookiní for Cajun queens
Thinkiní they own the town

But we all left to find work out of town
Even the wild ones, they slow down
Richey felt like he was cominí unwound
Got tired of playiní the game

Liquor bottles pilliní up before noon
Richey said he just needed some room
We all saw the end cominí way too soon
And man thatís an awful shame

Repeat Chorus

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