Mary Chapin Carpenter, Another Home Lyrics

Another Home Lyrics

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Mary Chapin Carpenter - Another Home Lyrics

There’s another home somewhere
There’s another glimpse of sky
There’s another place on earth
And a face not memorized.
There’s another growth of green
Where the trees throw down their shades
There’s another way to lean
To the wind, unafraid.
There’s another life out there
Beyond your quiet room.
Use that reckoning,
The sky, the stars and the moon.
There’s another storm to chase,
There’s another bridge to burn
There’s nothing perfect here, another lesson to learn.

There were days I’d give in to loose
And empty places of my own choosing.
There were nights I forgot to hold on
So I let go, I had to let go.

There’s another home somewhere
That I close my eyes to see
I will find you there, you will know it’s me.
By my shieling soul, by my soldier’s heart,
Made it through the wars and made another start.
Just beyond the trees, not so far, I swear
There’s another turn that leads to another home, somewhere.

[Thanks to Jarrett for lyrics]

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