Jonas Carping, Leaving Now Lyrics

Leaving Now Lyrics

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Jonas Carping - Leaving Now Lyrics

(Words & Music by Jonas Carping)

Burning freely, cant stop this fire running slow
running on empty, aint got no time to watch it grow
one last sigh, before we break this town at dawn
no more denials, not to ourselves nor everyone

those golden virtues, driving us closer to the end
you try and catch us, as we are running like the wind
aint got no reason, to slow down and watch them from behind
one to many mornings, awakening our drunken souls

leaving now, were leaving now my only one
leaving now, were leaving now my broken one

my dear old friend, were not in this because of you
dear old friend, this sacrifice it has no rules
another one, has bit the dust its time to move on
my only one, were leaving now, but well pay, this round

leaving now..

there is nothing more that you could do to sacrifice the truth
there is nothing more for you to do when you have seen it all come true
finding our way home, moving slowly from behind
watch us come up close, from behind enemy lines

leaving now
were Leaving Now
and its not because of you

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