Jonas Carping, The Sting Lyrics

The Sting Lyrics

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Jonas Carping - The Sting Lyrics

(Words & Music by Jonas Carping)
(Performed with Sigrid Nilsson)

I would try, my very best to convince you now
I would lie, for that
I would say anything that I thought that you’d wanna hear
to make you love me again

I would do anything to get a reaction out of you
in your arms, or nowhere
and I would make you remember, all those promises we made
on those nights, long ago

I would wrong you for no one, for no one
I would harm you for no one, for no one

When I see your face, in the back of my mind
it’s always with a smile
when you hear my name, do you think of me still
does it sting, or have you let go

Anything goes, when desperation set the rules
and it’s late, in this game
though I know, that it’s impossible to win
I still try n try

I would wrong you for no one…
When I see your face…

I would scream, out loud, just to hear your name again
it’s an ease to my soul
I would love, all those things that I said I hated before
as I plead with you now

I would wrong you for no one…
When I see your face…

[Thanks to Emma Lundvall for lyrics]

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