Charlie Worsham, Love Don't Die Easy Lyrics

Love Don't Die Easy Lyrics

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Charlie Worsham - Love Don't Die Easy Lyrics

You can starve me for affection
Till my soul's just skin and bone,
And make the words "I'm sorry"
Feel the same as throwing stones.
In a room full of you,
I might be standing all alone,
But love don't die easy.

I will stand in the thunder
And shiver in the rain
While I'm tied to the mast of a leaky boat in a hurricane
But I will find my way back to you
Even if it's all in vain
Love don't die easy.

It won't be denied, it just does what it does.
There ain't no way to kill it
When it's coursing through your blood.
Shoot an arrow through a heart,
The heart keeps on beating.
Love don't die easy.

It's that old man at the counter
Every morning sharp at nine
Where she stood him up for coffee
Some fifty years gone by.
And it's this fool right here in front of you
Hoping you might change your mind.
Love don't die easy.

(Repeat Chorus)

My love won't die easy.

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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