Charlie Worsham, Someone Like Me Lyrics

Someone Like Me Lyrics

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Charlie Worsham - Someone Like Me Lyrics

You're dancing with the crowd in the city of lights
All the boys spin around you like satellites
Be the spark in their hearts, say goodnight
Then you're gone.

You keep your toes on the ledge of the line you've drawn
Looking over the edge but you don't fall
Bet you got a lot of numbers you don't call
You're never and always alone.

(If you ever)
If you're ever gonna love someone then
Maybe you can love someone like me
(If you ever)
Baby if you ever do stop runnin'
Maybe you can love someone like me

I can barely breathe in your cloud of dust
My skin's still burnt for one more touch
Oh but one more touch is never enough
You see.

I will run with you through an ancient town
Gonna lay with you on sacred ground
Do you see that I could be the type
That never ties you down?

[Repeat Chorus]

Someone like me

Oh, you're just a dot on that horizon line
I can't hold on to what was never mine
But it ain't what I left behind
That won't let me sleep.

(If you ever)

[Repeat Chorus]

Someone like me

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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