Charlie Worsham, Tools Of The Trade Lyrics

Tools Of The Trade Lyrics

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Charlie Worsham - Tools Of The Trade Lyrics

(feat. Marty Stuart & Vince Gill)

Strings that bend, ears that ring
A microphone, a song to sing
A rowdy crowd gettin' loud and lit-up stages
All night to play, tools of the trade

Words that rhyme and an old train beat
A heart that runs on melodies
I get a brand new song every time it breaks
I put it on a page, tools of the trade

Steel and wood, put 'em in my hands
Give me four on the floor and a five piece band
Pourin' out my soul, travelin' down the same road
My heroes paved

It's a lot of miles, on a little sleep
But it's worth it all when y'all stomp your feet
I wouldn't trade the world for the choice I've made
Or the dues I've paid, tools of the trade
Come on now!

(Repeat Chorus)

Ain't nothing else I'd rather do
Than stand right here, and play for you
Night after night, day after day
I'm glad the good Lord made, tools of the trade
Ladies and gentlemen

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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