Eric Church, Those I've Loved Lyrics

Those I've Loved Lyrics

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Eric Church - Those I've Loved Lyrics

I remember waitiní by the curb with Mr. Murphy
When daddy picked me up from school his eyes were red
We drove to the hospital in a hurry
Where my family gathered round my Grandpaís bed
He was my best friend
He taught me how to fish
And I cried listenin to my daddy pray
For one of those Iíve loved along the way

She had a ribbon in her hair the day I met her
That whole next year we couldnít get enough
And after graduation she took off for Denver
And for awhile we both tried to keep in touch
She was my best friend
And it broke my heart
But I donít regret the day that she became
One of those Iíve loved along the way

And I hope they know
I never woulda made it this far on my own
Where would we all be without those
Fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers
The friends Iíve made, the long lost lovers
I wouldnít be who I am today
If not for those Iíve loved along the way
Along the way

Now Iím just a country boy with a guitar
Lookiní back down this old road Iíve been traveliní on
It was never about tryiní to be some big star
For me itís always been about these songs
You see theyíre my best friends
Theyíre the life I live
And I hope they put a smile on the face
Of those that Iíve loved along the way
ĎCause I wouldnít be the man I am today
If not for those Iíve loved along the way

[Thanks to Corey for lyrics]

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