Guy Clark, Shut up and Talk to Me Lyrics

Shut up and Talk to Me Lyrics

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Guy Clark - Shut up and Talk to Me Lyrics

Love is never gonna be a solid bet
Itís kinda like workiní without a net
Donít be afraid to let your feelinís out
Thatís what loviní is all about
Come on Baby and give me a break
Itís how do you feel, not what do you think
Stop rattliní your keys
Shut up and talk to me

You know Iíve known you long enough to know
Thereís nothiní you can hide that still donít show
You ainít fooliní anyone but you
When you put me through what you put me through
Come on Honey and tell me the truth
Gimme chicken fried steak, not a Baby Ruth
Iím not that hard to please
Shut up and talk to me
Shut up and talk to me


You can talk about the weather
Till it drives me nits
You can rattle on about
Why, who, what
A little conversation
Wouldnít hurt that much
A little somethiní
With a human touch

Now, if youíre hurtiní, Baby, tell me so
If you need attention let me know
Iím not the one that youíre hidiní from
It doesnít matter what the ever you done
You can have your cake and eat it too
Thatís the kinda stuff I want from you
How hard can it be
Shut up and talk to me
Shut up and talk to me

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