Coldwater Canyon Band, Nobody Knows Lyrics

Nobody Knows Lyrics

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Coldwater Canyon Band - Nobody Knows Lyrics

Written by: Gary H. Fisher

Just another Friday night in LA,
We're all gettin' down to feelin' right.
There she is alone again in the corner
Sippin on a glass of house red wine
As the band starts to play she's groovin,
Lettin the music take control.

Nobody Knows, Nobody Knows why she dances alone, no.
Nobody knows, Nobody Knows what she's runnin from,
You can ask her to dance if ya wanna
But she'll smile and just say no,
Nobody knows, why she dances alone.

There's a million things that it could be.
From broken hearts to broken dreams,
From gettin tired of bein let down one more time.
To tell the truth your guess is as good as mine.

But nobody knows, nobody knows, why she dances alone.
Nobody knows, nobody knows, is it somethin at home.
Nobody knows, nobody knows why she dances alone no.
Nobody knows, nobody knows what she's runnin from.
You Can ask her to dance if you wanna
But she'll smile and just say no.
Nobody knows, Why she dances alone
Nobody knows, why she dances alone.
No nobody,
No, no, no...

[Thanks to Howie Vaughn for lyrics]

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