Kevin Costner, Long Hot Night Lyrics

Long Hot Night Lyrics

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Kevin Costner - Long Hot Night Lyrics

Thereís a freight train roaring through the dead of night
Heading straight for Yuma
I hear it every time it rolls through town
Itís one a.m. and Iím wide awake
Too hot for sleeping
Those wheels keep spinning round

Wheels keep spinning round and round
Me and that train cover lot of ground
Wish I may wish I might
Gonna be another long hot night

Trucks are flying up and down I-10
I can hear them in the distance
Tired drivers trying to beat the heat

We used to drive with the headlights out
Moonlight on the highway
You were sleeping with your head in my lap

You were sleeping with your head in my lap
Life donít get much better than that
Hubcaps spinning in the light
Itís gonna be another long hot night

Howíd I let it get so wrong
The days roll by and the nights drag on
Trying to find a way to get on track
But Iím spinning wheels and looking back
Just spinning wheels looking back

Shots ring out in the middle of a dream
Car tires squealing
For a moment I wonder where I am
Iím right here in this little hot house
With no one beside me
Listening to the wobble of the ceiling fan

Iím listening to the wobble of ceiling fan
I wish I was a better man
Gonna keep trying till I get it right
Gonna be another long hot night

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