Counting Crows, She Don't Want Nobody Near Lyrics

She Don't Want Nobody Near Lyrics

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Counting Crows - She Don't Want Nobody Near Lyrics

She can't keep away from them
Waits here and disappears
From the wrong things she intends
Pretty soon they've got you hanging on a line
Pretty soon they string you one by one, same old rope

She says, "I'm alright, just take me home tonight"
She don't want nobody home
cause its a little too crowded there
She don't want to be alone
So they just keep pouring in

Pretty soon they've got her heading for the door
She comes home to find they cannot hang around no more
She says, "I'm alright, just take me home tonight"
Pain won't rationalize all those alibis
and reasons that keep creeping in tonight

You're half a world away
But I just can't wash away the stain of
every single thing that you could not believe oh well

She don't want no one around
she don't want anybody to see
what she looks like when she's down
cause the truth's a sad place to be
Pretty soon she gets them crawling up the walls
Every sunday morning the bed bleeds and you never saw

She says, "I'm ok, its alright, hey look what do we want to do tonight?"

She says, "I'm alright, I just can't get home tonight."

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