Cowboy Junkies, Bullet For You Lyrics

Bullet For You Lyrics

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Cowboy Junkies - Bullet For You Lyrics

I got a bullet for you
Iím on a black tar rooftop
Pigeons pickiní bread from the palm of my hand
Pinch their beaks in my fingers
Like a trigger, baby
Lights out with a twist
Not so much as a coo
Unbreathing and still
Dead as a patriot
On a Cuban beach
Thereíll be no air cover to save you...
I got a bullet for you
I swung a state for you, Jack
We shared a mistress
Now, every time I take a leak
I got you burning in me
And your brotherís like a bad rash
That keeps cominí back
Some days I think, ďWho do I whack first?Ē
Dear Mr. Kennedy
Up on Capitol Hill
We are a Fact Finding Committee and
My memory failed me
We only wish the truth
But itís all coming back at
Eighteen-hundred feet per second
To you
Are you a communist infiltrator?
Dictator Titoís dancing partner?
We demand full disclosure
and a plain-sight, unobstructed view of your car
I, J.F.K., this is Fidel Castro
Got a bullet for you
Mongoose is a no-no
ĎCause my wife just left me
Letís go, mano y mano
For a look-a-like Kennedy
Working in a traveling show
I, Iím just a patsy, pay no mind to me
Got a bullet for you
Bringing curtain rods to work, redecorating
If you need me Iíll be
In the break room with a soda
In the Texas School Book Depository waiting for you...
You take the window and Iíll take the knoll
And Iíll be in the headlines before you...
The manhole, the overpass
The fire escape, the picket fence
The stairwell, the parked car
The plaza, the sixth floor....
We got a bullet for you...

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