Cowboy Junkies, The Truth About Us (The Ballad of Lee and Marina) Lyrics

The Truth About Us (The Ballad of Lee and Marina) Lyrics

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Cowboy Junkies - The Truth About Us (The Ballad of Lee and Marina) Lyrics

When we rode into town - we didnít have horses
We had fate by the balls, destinyís face turning blue
Settled for less
On loveís dusty trail
We wanted something more than just an ďo.k.Ē corral,
Take the skeletons from the closet - put Ďem under the floor
Letís settle up on boot hill, to the view we adore
The truth about us
You canít exhume by assumption
You have to work hard - have to get on a talk show
Let the host root around
See where it goes
And if thatís too far weíll bust a chair right over his nose
Take a bite of the Big Apple while the room is for free
Spit the pulp into the Hudson like it was British Tea
Oh, Marina, Marina, itís cold and itís lonely
When youíre pointing a gun at the President
Iím no flunky with a rifle, Iím an N.R.A. golden boy
Iím a genius forging a legend
ďWhereís the truth about us?Ē
You came in demanding
Your scarlet face wrung that old southern bell
My Rett Hoover reply left me hard to peg:
ďThe truth about us Iíve buried deep in Connallyís leg.Ē
Pry open all the coffins, thereís only one thing inside,
A pink dress and a pill box hat with Camelot tags
Oh, Marina, Marina, itís cold and itís lonely
When reporters are carrying your coffin
Oh, please baby please, let coincidence leave me
A martyr to patriotic negligence
ďShould old acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to trial...Ē
Every girl and boy can grow up to be the President
Or grow up to be the Presidentís killer...
Itís equal opportunity
Itís the land of hope and glory
Itís a cheap Italian mail-order thriller...
The truth about us
Sailed for Manhattan
What was it hoping to find?
Cheers from Ellis Island?
We turned them back from the shore
Sent them back out to see
How Promise can grow smaller if two sides agree
We sent them packing off to Auschwitz -
When we heard the reports
We wrote, ďHow dare you!Ē with their ashes
As if we couldn't have known
You see Marina, Marina,
Iíve learned lessons from my country
About national interest and the ďBig PictureĒ
Iím gonna manifest my destiny
Gonna spread the legs of misery
Iíve got my piece in my hand and Iím loaded
The truth about us
Ainít hard to figure
Itís adding up to one hell of a toll on us
We had been up all night
When the tympani rolled
Faxed-in paper pledges turned to solid gold
Kids pick up your guns from the thug in classroom ďDĒ
Thereís people out there whose jobs depend on our misery
Thatís the truth about us

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