Cowboy Troy, I Play Chicken With the Train Lyrics

I Play Chicken With the Train Lyrics

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Cowboy Troy - I Play Chicken With the Train Lyrics

[Chorus Ė Big & Rich]
I play chicken with the train play chicken with the train train, uh huh huh uh huh huh,
You know that I play chicken with the train play chicken with the train train uh huh huh uh huh huh yea,

Hold 'em up,
Here we go,
All the Hicks and Chicks feel the flow,
Big black train coming round the bend,
Go on kin folk tell your mom and them,

Chugg a lugga [3x],
Who? The big black neck commin' through to you boy you done fell and bumped you head uh huh,
That's what they said,
People say it's impossible, not probable, too radical,
But I already been on the CMA's,
Hell Tim McGraw said he liked the change,
That he likes the way my Hick-hop sounds and the way the crowd screams when I stomp the ground,
Now, big and black, clickty clack and I make the train jump the track like that

[Chorus - Big & Rich]

From my deep decent deep into your ear,
My voice is your choice that you wanted to hear,
Southern boy makiní noise where the buffalo roam,
Less denim aní bone that you might have known.
See me ridiní into town like a desperado,
With a big belt buckle,
The Cowboy Dorado,
All over the World Wide Web you'll see download CBT on that MP3,
Speak clearly what Iím sayiní so you comprehend in the name of Hick-hop radio tune in,
Rolliní like thunder on to the scene,
It's kinda hard to describe if you know what I mean.
I never claimed to be the hardest of the brotherís hard rock,
But I'm booming out the box,
Skills got you jumping out your socks.
From Texas here I come movin' your body with the bass kick drum.

[Chorus - Big & Rich]


[Chorus - Cowboy Troy]

[Chorus - Big & Rich]


Huh, yea, one time,
Get you some of that!

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