Roger Creager, My Ship Goes Down Lyrics

My Ship Goes Down Lyrics

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Roger Creager - My Ship Goes Down Lyrics

Verse 1
Music on Titanic played right up to the end
When you're down to nothin, a song can be a friend
Nothin to lose, nothin to hide
You play it best when it's your very last ride

It ain't the money, it ain't the glory
It ain't the jet-set way I run around
I got my heart and soul mixed in the fever
I'll play music while my ship goes down, Hey!

Verse 2
Baby's had enough, says she's walkin' out
There's the inspiration, the songs I sing about
I'm gonna lose it, and I'm gonna die
It'll all end with my heart on the line


Lookin' at me from the outside you might think I've got it made
But anyone can see I'm goin' down, down down.

Verse 3
Old and tired and madder than hell
I ain't goin' back to that county jail
Back on the road where I belong
Sometimes I wonder what the hell I'm doin' wrong


I'll play music while my ship goes down
I'll play my music while my ship goes down

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